Hibiscus Gardens Around the World

Texas, U.S.A.

This exceptionally nice hibiscus garden is located just outside of Houston. Gardener and collector Gene P. has an extensive collection of top quality exotic hibiscus that he grows and shares with his family. Gene is looking forward to this year's hibiscus shows that are an enjoyable part of the Houston hibiscus scene. He has also impressed other hibiscus aficionados by successfully growing cultivars such as 'Gerald Derr', not generally thought to do well in Texas.

texas hibiscus
'Gerald Derr' in the foreground with a big 'Rosalind' behind. A bloom of
'Rum Runner' is partial showing to the left.

hibiscus in texas
'Rosalind' takes center stage in this hibiscus border. 'High Voltage' extreme
front right with 'Rum Runner' right behind.

hibiscus and little girl
Everything about 'Gerald Derr' is big; big flowers, big leaves, big plant.
Here together with Gene's first pride and joy!