Hibiscus Gardens Around the World

The Philippine Islands

Tropical Hibiscus Garden in the Philippines

This lush, tropical garden is at the home of Irene from the Philippine Islands. In her country, hibiscus are called "Gumamelas." The Philippine hibiscus are very old fashioned, very early, historical hybrids whose flowers and growth pattern are similar to the original "species" hibiscus plants - or "ancestors" of the modern hibiscus. Hibiscus were in the Philippine Islands before humans! They are among the oldest inhabitants of these islands, and are a precious part of Philippine history.

Hibiscus, Hibiscus Everywhere!

Irene tells the story of her passion for hibiscus:

My passion for Gumamela started when I saw a blue variety of it when I visited Queens, New York. When I came back home about 7 years ago I mentioned it to my mom. The next thing I knew, hybrid Gumamela is the flower-enthusiast's 'in-fashion' here. We visited a garden fair the other day and just can't seem to have enough of a few hybrid gumamelas. Thanks to the internet, I now broaden my passion for Gumamela. Who knows, I can have some of your bunch of collection someday. God speed to your inspiring hibiscus garden website.

More Philippine Hibiscus

Hibiscus Varieties in the Philippines

In the Philippines hibiscus or gumamelas are very common. Inidividual hybrids are not named, and no one knows how many different hybrids there are. This is a sampling of some of the many, many Philippine gumamelas.