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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Hibiscus growing in Beth's Brazilian paradise, her "Paraíso"

This is the hibiscus garden of Beth who lives near Rio de Janerio on the southern coast of Brazil. Rio de Janeiro is a true tropical paradise, with typical temperatures that range from lows in the 60°s F (15-10° C) to highs in the 90°s F (32-37° C). The average rainfall is a perfect 43 inches (109 cm) per year. She lives in the lush, green Vale das Videiras, Valley of the Vineyards. As you can see below, it truly is a paradise!

Beth's beautiful Vale de las Videiras in morning rain ~ a happy hibiscus blooming in mid-winter

Beth grows, hybridizes, and sells hibiscus in her online store in Brazil. She started growing hibiscus in 1966, and has never lost her joy in discovering the amazing new colors and variations that hibiscus flowers continually display. She grew up on a farm near Rio de Janeiro that was filled with fruit trees and flowers. She discovered hibiscus as an adult and fell in love with them. She began taking trips to Florida and California, struggling with English, in search of new varieties of her favorite flowers. Over several trips, American hibiscus lovers taught her how to graft and hybridize hibiscus. Armed with this new knowledge, Beth went home determined to create her own Brazilian hibiscus varieties, becoming the first female hibiscus hybridizer in South America.

Beth with some of her hibiscus beauties

Despite the frequent rains in Rio de Janeiro, Beth's location on the coast of Brazil is very windy, and the winds can be very drying. Beth's hibiscus have to be watered twice a week in the winter, and twice a day in the summer. Beth, her husband, and their crew do all this watering by hand using hoses from 8 points on their large property of more than 2 acres (8200 square meters). A big job!

More hibiscus growing in Beth's Brazilian Paraíso

Cold is not a problem in Beth's Paraíso though. Temperatures never drop down to freezing, and rarely get even close to freezing, with average nighttime winter lows in the 50°s and 60°s (10-20° C). All her hibiscus stay outside year round, including the young and tender new baby grafted plants. She has no need for a greenhouse or shelter of any kind for her hibiscus ~ something many of us in the rest of the world can only imagine!

'My Little Paradise'


'Berried Treasure'

'Dark Prince'


A big thanks to Beth for sharing her hibiscus garden with us!

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