About Hidden Valley Hibiscus

Hidden Valley Hibiscus are grown in San Diego County, California, by Hidden Valley Nature Arts. Our exotic tropical hibiscus have been featured in gardening media such as Sunset Magazine, Garden Compass, Garden Design, National Gardening, Greenhouse Grower, American Nurseryman, and many others. These magnificent flowers have also been featured on TV shows such as Martha Stewart and Home Shopping Network, and in popular garden books such as the Sunset Western Garden Book.

It is our intention to provide our customers with the very finest quality tropical hibiscus. To that end we devote much time and other resources to developing growing techniques that best suit this fascinating tropical plant. In recent years we have been fortunate to achieve certain breakthrough discoveries for propagating and growing modern hibiscus hybrids. These allow us to offer simply the best modern, exotic, hibiscus hybrids that can be purchased anywhere.

Charles Black, the Hidden Valley Nature Arts grower, is a leading hybridizer of the new exotic hibiscus, creating new varieties with magnificent flowers and strong, well formed bushes. Developing new varieties of hibiscus is his passion, and you can expect all sorts of wonderful new varieties to be released to the gardening public over the next few years. Unlike many of the cultivars offered in the past, our new varieties emphasize the quality of the bush as much as the quality of the bloom. We believe the future success of hibiscus as a major garden plant depends on providing cultivars that are as sturdy as they are beautiful.

Hidden Valley Hibiscus are available nationwide through the Hidden Valley Nature Arts website store. Plants are shipped safely to all 50 states and to many international locations as well. We wish you great joy in growing these magnificent flowering plants!