A Visit to the HVH Greenhouse

Come visit the HVH greenhouse! There it is over the hill and down in a deep canyon admidst acres of avocado trees. We'll put the truck in 4-wheel drive, and down we go!

Hibiscus flowers greet us at the door.

Each year, our greenhouse looks more and more like a jungle, with bigger plants, taller plants, and MORE plants. It's green, green from floor to ceiling.




Here's Charlie, busy at work hybridizing, planting, coaxing baby hibiscus plants to root and grow. He does a good job, because the hibiscus are 8 feet tall in many places, and every one of them started from either a seed or a teeny wood graft or cutting.





Here I am, Cindy, stealing some time from work to play with the flowers. There are plenty to play with! Hibiscus flowers are EVERYWHERE as you can see below!

The hibiscus plants are so tall and the flowers are so high over my head that I'm climbing on tall pots and ladders to take pictures of them. I have to push my way through plants that have grown across all the aisles. It's dark and shady down at my 5'3" level, and it feels like I'm trekking through the Amazon.




This is the nursery, where all our baby plants start. It's climate controlled, humid, warm, shady and perfectly managed for baby hibiscus plants.

These are our big, 2-gallon plants and the plants we call "stock plants" - the ones we use to propagate new baby plants. There are always lots of flowers on these plants!

These are our baby seedlings - the new hybrids that we will grow and evaluate. Less than 10% of them will end up being marketable hibiscus varieties. The rest, sadly, will have to go to hibiscus heaven. But for now, we watch and care for them tenderly, nursing each new flower and bush to see what each brand new hibiscus variety will produce.

Thank you for accompanying us on our little greenhouse tour! Some day in the next few years we will have a greenhouse that vistors can come to. Until then, we hope you enjoy our pictures!